Stuck at home with nothing to do besides watching TV?
Can I Binge? helps you figure out how long it’ll take to binge a TV show. Maybe it’s that one show you’ve been meaning to watch, or the show that your Twitter mutuals have been raving about, or the show from your childhood that just started streaming. As we all take this moment in time to stay at home so that the world’s essential workers can do their jobs safely, no one’s going to judge you for watching a little more TV than usual. Literally no one’s gonna judge you. So go ahead — binge.

Built during The Great Quarantine of 2020 by a designer who’s trying to keep busy — otherwise he’s going to start talking to his furniture.

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Query Can I binge in
Answer Nope.

We don't have enough information (e.g. episode runtimes and total episode count) to determine this show's bingeability. But you know what they say:
when in doubt, binge.

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